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Crates, Danny (Part 3 of 4). An Oral History of British Athletics

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    Disability Athletics; Athletics: Track

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    Interviewee's home, Essex

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    Crates, Danny, 1973- (speaker, male)

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    Cutler, Rachel (speaker, female)

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    Part 3: Discussion - body image post loss of arm. Story - clothing on new body, fittings of new limb at limb centre. Anecdote - wearing limb with hook down the pub. Didn't need false limb chose not to wear one. Story - friends' and family's reaction to his lost limb. Family reaction in more detail - effect on brother in particular. Anecdote - brother crashed car at time of accident. [00:05:50]Discussion - boys and cars - idea of "Essex Boys and Cars", feelings about cars and the reason for the crash. [00:07:30] Discussion-disabled and able - bodied reaction and language around subject of lost limbs etc. remarks on differences between men and women. Anecdote - he and other amputees extras in film Gladiator. [00:09:50] Description - move from 400m to 800m. 2001 - Won 400m European Championships, later that year tried out 800m at Thurrock just for fun. Remarks - time set that day would have won gold medal in Sydney. 2002 - 800m World Championships - tactically wrong, did badly in 400m. 2003 - Won world indoors, won European championships 800m. Dropped 400m. Describes training with coach and other able bodied athletes. [00:16: 50] Description - training for the Olympic Games in Athens. 2004 -AAAs (able-bodied) broke world record. Story - 800m Athens - a lot of pressure, five days before stopped talking to others, isolated himself. Discussion - emotions before race. Comments - life in Olympic Village. Discussion - dealing with Press, changes in attitudes to Paralympics, now treated as international athletes. Story - sponsorship, explains categories of Lottery funding A, B, C rating. Discussion - classification to a category for athletes groups. Story-cheating within disabled athletes for easier classification. Anecdote - racing against man with all limbs. Anecdote - female athlete reclassified at Athens Olympic Games. [00:38:20]Discussion - role of officials. Remarks-operates separately to team. [00:39:30] Description - the final 800m Athens Paralympics 2004. Thirty friends, family, fianc ̌in crowd. Remarks - managed to take pressure off at the final. Perfect race. Comments -crowd too big. Story -coach arrived for final preparations. Anecdote - coach bypassing security to get to warm up track. Anecdote - speech by coach. [00:49:20] Describes - aftermath - six week break, operation on knee. Discussion - moving on. Comment - 2005 World Cup, Manchester beaten by hated rival. Describes - mental tactics of racing, puts pressure to go on and break records etc. deliberately races able-bodied. Story - against milers club. Remarks - losing world record. Describes - hopes for World Championships 2006, Beijing Olympics 2008 [will be 35]. Description - future new era of Paralympics, so much more competitive in last ten years. Story- post athletics rugby and career.

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    Interview with paralympian Danny Crates

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Crates, Danny (Part 3 of 4). An Oral History of British Athletics

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