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Conversation in Telford about accent, dialect and attitudes to language.

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    BBC Voices Recordings

  • Recording locations

    Telford, Shropshire

  • Interviewees

    Gilbert, Barry John, 1984 Jan. 01- (speaker, male, unemployed), Gilbert, Stephen Ernest, 1985 March 29- (speaker, male, trainee soldier), Hildreth, Bernie, 1954 July 12- (speaker, female, florist and party organiser), McCollum, Teresa (Biddy), 1949 Jan. 12- (speaker, female, housewife), Shipperbottom, Beverley, 1974 July 09- (speaker, female), Hamill, Sonia, (speaker, female), Richard (Rich), (speaker, male)

  • Interviewers

    Cleere, Michael, 1960 Jan. 07- (speaker, female)

  • Producers

    Radio Shropshire

  • Abstract

    [00:00:00] Interviewer introduces speakers. Discussion of words used to describe PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES. Discussion about terms of endearment, words used to mean friend/getting married/to die. Discussion of words used to describe EMOTIONS. Discussion about use of swear-words and attitudes towards swearing, insults for men/women. Words used to mean hungry/smelly/dating/having sex/being bored/being hungover/financially cheated/asking somebody to wait/getting a loan/telling on somebody/telling somebody to be quiet/to run away.[00:14:23] Discussion of words used to describe ACTIONS. Discussion of words used to mean to throw something away/to tell someone to go away/to steal/to work hard/word for something whose name youve forgotten/somebody who talks a lot/to tell someone to be quiet. Meaning of clog your logs. Words used to mean police/to kiss/homosexual/to greet somebody. Discussion about terms of endearment. Words used to mean to tell tales on someone/a fight/to go to the toilet/having a chat/insane/a drug-user.[00:26:41] Description of their mother, language they learnt from her, nicknames she called them. Discussion about words used to mean father/to play truant/to have sex/a prostitute/moonlighting/moody/making ends meet/being streetwise/gullible/lethargic/lazy/blanking people. Discussion about her grandchildren, where their names come from, bab as a term of endearment, drinks she likes.[00:37:18] Discussion about words used to mean a boring person/hungry/to be sick/a miser/tired/drunk. Use and meaning of words used in Ireland, swear-words used in Ireland. Words used to mean be quiet/keep it to yourself. Use and meaning of local words/phrases. Discussion about lending money to each other, helping each other out on the estate, how her baby speaks.

  • Description

    BBC warning: this interview contains strong or offensive language. Recording made for BBC Voices project of a conversation guided by a BBC interviewer. The conversation follows a loose structure based on eliciting opinions about accents, dialects, the words we use and people's attitude to language. The seven interviewees are all neighbours on a council estate in Woodside, south Telford.

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Conversation in Telford about accent, dialect and attitudes to language.

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